SnippetGuide can't grow without you! If you love the idea and are just as curious about the world as we are, you should share your knowledge! You will also learn alot on the way!

Check out the Snippet-Guidelines and get started!


Create your snippet

Find an interesting attraction and tell their story. It can be anything you think is worth telling. Even an ordinary stone could have a very interesting story that no-body knows about.
In case you would rather like to write and not speak - you are very welcome to contribute a script! A Snippet can be max 3 minutes long (which is about 360 words). So keep it short and simple!

Gather the information and give it a go!


Add your voice

Writing a script is not really your thing. You might also be a little too comfortable to do the research. That's alright! You are very welcome to record texts created by other community members. Browse through the Snippets that are still waiting to get their voice and find an object that interests you. Record it with your smartphone or computer and upload it directly from the chosen Snippet.

Give the Snippets your voice and join us!