St. Catherine’s Passage

Then and now
Category: History
Author: annabel

Voice: Brendanw
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The passage got its name from the St. Catherine’s Church situated right next to the passage-way. Nowadays only a small part of the church remains and it doesn’t really look like much. However, back in the 14th century, it used to be one of the mightiest churches in the Medieval Tallinn. It was about 68 meters long and 18 meters wide, with 3 spectacular naves. The church was part of the Dominican monastery and the adjoining buildings made up a large complex.

Today, the church, or what’s left of it, is used for concerts, plays and exhibitions. If you’re lucky, you can have a peek inside! The ambience is still quite impressive.

The passage-way is nowadays a home for a rather unique Guild: the St. Catherine’s Guild, founded in 1995. It consists of a collection of workshops, where female artists use traditional methods to create and sell high quality handicraft, including glassware, ceramics, jewelry, hats, quilts and hand-painted silks.

These 15th to 17th century rooms are open-studios, so you can step in and watch the artists at work.