Legend of Dannebrog

How the Danish got their flag
Category: Legend/Story
Author: annabel

Voice: annabel
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It is June the 15th, year 1219. The battle of Lyndanisse is not going well for the Danish crusaders. The Estonian troops are winning and the defeat seems almost certain. Valdemar II, the Danish king, is in despair and prays to God to save his soldiers.

All seems lost, but suddenly the skies open and a red cloth with a white cross on it floats down to the battle field. The Danes see it as a sign from God and rally to win the battle. And surely, moments later Estonians were concurred and Lindanisse (nowadays Tallinn) belonged to the Danes.

Today, the Danish celebrate the Dannebrog Day (or the Danish flag day) on the 15th of June and it all started here. The Danish flag is one of the oldest in the world! You might notice that the coat of arms of Tallinn also depicts the red flag with a white cross – clearly there is a connection there.