The Town Hall Square

The Big Market, short overview
Category: Introduction
Author: annabel

Voice: mariliisk
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Town Halls square had been a market place since the birth of Tallinn and until 1923 it was called “the Big Market”. Although the traditional market place has been moved away from the center of the city, the area here still has that lively flair. In summer, the square is filled with small huts and artists sell local handicraft, souvenirs and other goods. In winter, before Christmas, it becomes a very cozy Christmas market. Tallinn proudly declares to be one of the first cities in the whole Europe, that put up a decorated Christmas tree. According to the records, that was the Christmas of 1441.

The square was commonly used for several other purposes as well. It was a place for public punishments, but also fun festivities. During the blooming Hanseatic time, Reval had a lot to celebrate. Next to fun fairs and holiday festivities, many important visitors were grandly welcomed here. That must have been quite spectacular for common citizens.

When you look around, you’ll see big medieval buildings lining the square. These were the homes of the wealthier, more important citizens and merchants. Many of these buildings are still privately owned.

If you stay here long enough, you will most likely see every single tourist in town. Most of them pass by two or three times, because all streets lead to the Town hall square.